Dear Stressed-Out Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of stress in business, and life?

Does the thought of your enormous to-do list send your heart racing and your head pounding?

Do you spend your whole week longing for the weekend, yet when the moment arrives, you’re wracked with guilt as you know you could always get more done if you kept working! 

In the eyes of others...

...You’re an entrepreneur living her best life.

Yet, they would never understand what you’re really dealing with.

The stress, anxiety, and overwhelm behind the rosy frame they see you through.

Your kids, your spouse, parents, friends, business partners...

They all rely on you.

But how can you be present and supportive of them when your mind is always frantically elsewhere?

You’ve forgotten the joy, and excitement you had when you first started your business and became the maker of your own destiny, intent on living life on your terms while making an impact.

You know the way you’re treating yourself, your business and your family is not a sustainable solution and will eventually lead to burn-out, or some other form of breakdown… 

If you’d like to stop the crazy spinning of wheels and learn to calm and focus your mind and emotions so you can find more time for you, your loved ones and focus on the things really matter in your business...

Then it’s time to be Empowered By Mindfulness!

What is Empowered By Mindfulness?

It is a 6-part online mindfulness course created especially for women entrepreneurs and business owners to help them find an extra 20 minutes a day to spend on cultivating a calm, and focused mind and body.

Empowered By Mindfulness Allows You To:

→ Confidently face moments of stress and overwhelm as they come up, skillfully attend to what you need for yourself, so you can get back on track with what’s really important.

→ Create simple daily rituals to prevent stress from build up in the first place. Yes boss lady, there are simple and time-efficient preventative measures you can take, so you don’t waste hours in analysis paralysis or wait until you collapse from exhaustion!

→ To enjoy moments of calm, presence and fun (whatever it is you are wanting to experience more of in your life!) on a daily basis in work and your time with loves ones.

→ No longer allow your emotions to run the show! Start building emotional resilience and show up as the calm lady business owner you know you are.


Frida Soerensen
Hi there, I’m Frida!

I am a Mindfulness Coach for female entrepreneurs, founders and leaders. After suffering chronic stress, anxiety & near burn-out working in the social work industry, I discovered the life-changing practices of meditation, mindfulness and yoga and started developing a holistic approach to creating mental and emotional resilience.

I'm passionate about supporting women transform their hectic lifestyle into one where they are empowered to grow their ventures, whilst thriving in all other areas of life.

I am the founder of the Transcend Beyond Stress & Thrive Program, an online mindfulness coaching program.

In following my values of living close to my roots, I now live in the Philippines in my childhood home. I run a small wellness business where I support my local community of women, businesses and nonprofits. 

I also have over 10 years of personal yoga and meditation practice.

Course Modules


We set you up for success! Learn how to make the most out of your course and help get clear on your goals and intentions for the next 6 weeks!

Stress First Aid

Learn the basics of how your stress works and discover your most accessible and powerful asset when it comes to breaking the cycle of stress.

Activate Your Relaxation Response

No longer allow stress and overwhelm to build up! We're replacing your old habit of stress and overwhelm with a new habit of relaxation. Learn to create small pockets of relaxation for yourself in the midst of your daily schedule.

Mindfulness Now

Master the skill of spot meditation. This simple and time efficient practice will allow you to bring calm and focus to your daily tasks while relieving stress as you go.

Confidently Deal with Your Inner Triggers

No longer be at the mercy of your difficult emotions by learning the first steps to tend and befriend your what you feelings so you can respond with wisdom instead of mindlessly react.

Your One -On-One Coaching Session

For this one hour coaching session with me, we explore where you're currently at, trouble- shoot any difficulties and send you away with a step by step tailored plan for you to continue building your mindfulness skills and calm empowerment as you move forward.

Why do you need Mindfulness?

#1 In entrepreneurship you need a strong inner foundation!
Roots are the reason why trees hold strong and continue growing through rough weather in all seasons. The trees without deep strong roots come tumbling down the first time it has to weather a storm or strong gust of wind. 
You and I are no different. Without a proper foundation of inner wisdom and resilience your business, let alone your health or relationships won’t last the storms that you’re sure to face as the passionate entrepreneur or boss-lady that you are! 

We need to develop a strong, resilient core within to feel grounded in life while growing in business. Mindfulness helps you build this foundation.

#2 Overwhelm is a daily companion
I know that you’re incredibly busy and that you feel that there simply isn’t enough time in your day to do everything. 
You're not alone in this, in fact a recent survey done by consulting company, The Alternative Board found that 72 percent of small business owners say that they are overwhelmed by their roles and responsibilities. 
Living your life in this mode long long term will eventually lead to breakdown in everything you worked so hard to build. We desperately need a new way to move forward to create long-term life and business success.

And if you’re allowing overwhelming emotions to run the show then it’s about time to take back control!

#3 You are missing out on your life and ALL the wonderful things you have NOW!
Entrepreneurship is like climbing an incredibly steep and challenging mountain. It’s great to have big beautiful and BOLD dreams and GOALS. But if we don’t learn to stop and appreciate the view on the way, take a moment to acknowledge how far we have come, or even appreciate the support and love of the people around us, then all it will simply remain a grind and hustle as oppose to the beautiful (yes, also incredibly difficult!) human journey that you’re on. 

#4 We didn't learn this stuff in school

We learnt a lot of different skills throughout various chapters in our education, but we never learnt to deal with all the stuff that goes on the inside of us, the challenging emotions and thoughts that ultimately ALLOW us or STOP us from creating the life we want for ourselves.

What You'll Get:

6 Modules Including Activities for Each Lesson ($300 value)
1 Guided Meditation for Dealing With Thoughts ($10 value)
1 Guided Meditation for Soothing Difficult Emotions ($10 value)
1 Guided Mediation for Immediate Stress-Release ($10 value)
One-hour Session With Me Once You Complete the Course ($200 value)


My 4-Part Breath Practice Video Series-Exclusive to my High Ticket Program Transcend Beyond Stress & Thrive
($100 value)

My Brain Dump Tool for Getting You Out of Overwhelm ($20 value)

Total Value of $650
Your Price: $97

Mindfulness Stories


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PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Course will be granted on the 11th of January 2022!

For inquiries please contact Frida on [email protected]